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      Hanging  Wt.



Whole Beef

425-525 lb.



Half Beef

225-350 lb.



Quarter Beef

 100-175  lb.



       * Deposit is due to secure your order and is non-refundable.
          Please make check payable and mailed to 

                                  K-T Cattle Company
                                  PO Box 1470 
                                  Duvall, WA 98019

       * We will call you with the accurate hanging weight. Whole, Half or Quarter Pricing is                  $7.00/lb. based on hanging weight (weight prior to cutting, deboning, and trimming of            the animal. This is required before processing.

      * The "dry aging" process which means the carcass is hung in the cooler for a period 
         of time before it is cut. This aging process improves the flavor and tenderness of 
         the meat. Due to our naturally tender petite beef, we found the aging to take less 
         time then the average two weeks. 

      * Heritage Meats will contact you for specific cutting instructions. 
         They are very friendly and will work with you to determine the best way to cut 
         and wrap the beef for you and your family. They can only do a specialty custom order 
         with half and whole Beef. You will get a standard cut and wrap for quarter beef 
         to receive an even split.
      * The meat shop will then cut, wrap and freeze your beef. Here’s a nice beef cuts chart
         very helpful to have at hand when you are going over the cut sheet with the 
         butcher over the phone.  
      * Butchers Fee for Cut-And-Wrap is .55 cents/lb paid directly to the butcher at the time 
         you pick up your order.
      * An additional Kill Charge is $60.00 per animal. You will pay a portion of this charge, 
         with your final payment, depending on the quantity ordered. For example, if ordering a
         quarter beef, add $15.00 to the order. This also is paid to Heritage at the time you pick           up your order. Heritage Meats asks for you to have boxes to transport your order home. 
      * Freezer Storage Considerations - You'll need less storage space than you think. 
         One-quarter of a cow yields 75 to 125 pounds of meat, which requires a mere 
         3.5 cubic feet, or the majority of the freezer space in a standard refrigerator. 
         (That said, I strongly recommend you invest in a chest freezer, so you can still 
         keep much of what you regularly store in your freezer.) Here are examples of 
         how much freezer space is needed to accommodate various beef orders.

         Quantity                 Freezer Space Needed In Cubic Feet 
         Quarter Beef                                  3.5 cu. ft.
         (Approx. 100 lb.) 
         Half Beef
         (Approx. 200 lb.)                             7  cu. ft.

         Whole Beef
         (Approx. 400 lb.)                           14 cu. ft.


     If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by
     calling 206-409-3776 or email info@ktcattlecompany.com. 


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